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Conversations that explore life beyond traditional rituals and ways of thinking, for the unmoored, unsatisfied, and the fearlessly curious. A safe place to discuss the concept of spirituality, the soul, and what’s possible beyond the 5 senses.

Full expression is the ultimate purpose for a human being. This requires getting comfortable with the unknown, the unconventional, and the unreasonable. You’ll meet experts who have done just that and have created lives that reflect all of who they are; both human and divine.

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What does everyday magic look like? How do we know when the universe is speaking to us? Jacquelyn Gioertz shares her story of a life shattered and how she learned to listen. What is “divine frequency” and how do you tap in?

We discussed tools to help engage our intuition — like oracle cards. Can a daily card pulled from a deck really add to our mood or alter our day? Speaking of magic, do you know what the word “Abracadabra” means? All words have power and what we think of as a genies spell is actually a genius phrase to keep around. is a way to join others interested in accessing the magic of the universe.


“Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey,” Katie believes. You can also think of it as personal development on steroids. In this first episode tying business to spirituality you’ll learn the importance of bringing all of you to your brand and the importance choosing the words that feel good to you when designing an ideal client — even if it’s scary to put them out there. For Katie, her soul speaks the language of the body; that’s how it communicates with her.

We dipped into the practice called ecstatic dance via the school called The 5 Rhythms and how getting physical is meditation as well as stillness, and stillness isn’t necessarily motionless. Find Katie at, her clothing line at, her mastermind


After years of fighting the idea that she was a renegade, Jennifer Urezzio was given a download, a new paradigm called, The Soul’s Language. Until then she didn’t think the Divine even loved her or that she would ever be enough.

Her work with soul language is a way to help people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth. She is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. And a successful business owner to boot.


Rosemary Bredesen spent twelve years working on the Hubble Space Telescope. This machine opened up for humanity, for the first time, a glimpse of the cosmos without the distortion of the earth’s atmosphere. “Looking back through the lens of now,” Rosemary says, “I realize that this is the perfect metaphor for the work I do today.”

Rosemary helps people see into the possibility that is here for them if they access information outside of the distortion of their current way of thinking. She went from scientist to scientific mystic after a long, dark night of the soul and it all began when she was just four years old.


Debbie Delgado launches you out of illusion and into your Truth!

It starts with a hit, a “knowing” that the life you find yourself in is no longer enough. How do you go from “normal” or what others expect, to live a soul-driven life? It’s not always easy, but more of all good things lies on the other side of the fear.

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Sometimes what the world thinks success should look like for us leaves us feeling unhappy and unable to keep going. Letting go, asking for help, and stepping in to our highest level gifts — rather than the ones that we can do — leads to wealth in all areas of life.

Prema Lee Gurreri is the creator of a best selling book and programs titled, Your Sacred Wealth Code, a body of work created to teach us to lead with our unique, high-value gifts and fully align with their purpose and passion to create wealth for themselves and the world simply by being who they are and doing what they love to do.

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