Soul Stories

Soul StoriesThe thing about a soul story is, everything you learn is everything you need to know about who you are and how to live that so you can manifest and experience the things you most want. AND, learn to release the ways of being that are holding you back.

Although this reading focuses the positive of who you are at soul level, it includes the shadow side of your soul’s energy center and slippery slope tendencies that come with a soul with your characteristics.

You might get confirmation that some of what you do naturally is actually something you came in with. You might also hear something that takes you by surprise but gives you the confidence to try on a new way of being you. This is a super-simple way to dip a toe into the world of the divine as you.

This 45-minute Akashic reading is designed for those who are new to soul work and want to take it slow but don’t underestimate the power of opening yourself up to more of who you are here to be.