Soul Realignment Reading

When you know the characteristics of your soul’s family and code you can heal, eliminate blocks, and manifest more easily.


Soul Realignment

You are unique and you are kindred to others.

Not just by locale, culture, or choice, but by soul ancestry. You are kindred to, and share traits with, millions of souls who left your little corner of consciousness to come play on earth, in 3-D. And you’ve done it many times, as a soul that is.

Each time you incarnate it’s expressly for your soul to experience more of itself. And that doesn’t always look like roses and unicorns. When the soul incarnates into a being who has no idea of the soul’s blueprint or characteristics — this is most of us, I would wager to guess there are many choices made that are not in alignment with our divine nature.

That can result in negative experiences with lasting energetic impact.

If you feel something is blocking you, keeping you in a negative pattern, or even stealing your energy, this reading will bring up the most relevant information about how these things began, how something ancient is affecting you now, and how to remove them.

You will leave the call with new actions to reinforce the clearing we do on the call.