The day I finally admitted I could no longer stay in the self-imposed box called health coach, (you can read the story here,) I embraced uncertainty and went about the business of starting over.

“Who do you think you are Ms. Cox, get down off that stage,” Sister Mary Angela shouted at my nine-year-old self, imitating Paul McCartney, bangs in my eyes, strumming my air guitar, “Listen, ooh ah ooh, do you want to know a secret….”

Highs. Lows. Self-doubt. Naysayers full of fear asked, “Aren’t you a bit old to be starting over?” “Who do you think you are?” reverberates from the past.

I love the doubters, the box occupiers, because I recognize them as evidence of my resistance. Where there is resistance there is creation and possibility.

I keep going.

Two years later, “Why did you wait so long?” is the question that repeats with every new client whose message I am honored to write powerful words for.

And then this…

“What about your soul work, Greg?” said the voice I doubted but could not silence.

My soul wanted out of the closet.

I wanted an escape route.

Soul work?

“The divine wild ride." You know.

I do. I know the wild. It’s me at the core cloaked in normal, everyday, a not-quite-playing-by- the-rules type, but no lock-ups or big regrets.

The divine adds a new layer of wild. Who am I to lay claim to a divine self?

But I have — or rather, it laid claim to me.

Who are we to say we are divine? What does that mean?

What if others wondered the same?

The Divine Wild Ride is a seedling planted in the soil of a soul rich with curiosity about what it means to be human and divine.

My curiosity doesn’t stop there, and maybe yours is also casting about, wondering where to put things like mystic experiences, channeling, psychics, and shamans.

If so, this ancillary adventure to all things words might be a place for you to explore.

In this moment I am that nine-year-old wondering “who do I think I am?” to take this on and ship it out, as Seth Godin would say.

He also says, “No place to hide is the only place to be.”

Naked I am, and ready to share a secret only a few close friends know — I’m totally into woo-woo, spiritual exploration, mysticism and how quantum physics is mirroring aspects of metaphysics, and it has only just begun.

I invite you to take a look at this nascent project, have a listen to the podcast, and maybe sign up for a Daily Dose of the Divine.

This is not instead of copywriting and marketing coaching, it is an addition to the ways I see myself serving the world and my own soul.

If it’s not for you that’s cool, but if you are curious about what else you might add to your life’s wild ride that the naysayers just won’t understand, then take a look — everyone is welcome.