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Swipe Copy

The Divine Wild Podcast is the creation of my friend/colleague/ (or simply) Gregory Anne Cox. She is hosting conversations that explore life beyond traditional rituals and ways of thinking, for the unmoored, unsatisfied, and the fearlessly curious. A safe place to discuss the concept of spirituality, the soul, and what’s possible beyond the 5 senses.

Especially the soul. She believes the soul is that part of us that makes us wonder why we are here; curious about others, and driven to discover the whole of who we are. By hosting guests whose work speaks to those ideas she hopes to bring the world a little closer together and heal the ways separation has wounded us.

Greg believes that full expression is the ultimate purpose for a human being. This requires getting comfortable with the unknown, the unconventional, and the unreasonable. On this podcast you’ll meet experts who have done just that and have created lives that reflect all of who they are; both human and divine.

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The Divine Wild Ride Podcast

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The Divine Wild Ride

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