Divine Wild Intuitive Coaching

“Life is short, even in its longest days.” – John Mellancamp, Longest Days

Divine Wild Intuitive Coaching
And I’ll bet, like me, you’ve had some long ones.

Life feels especially short now, at the middle, or years beyond that.

One thing is certain, our need to survive is imbued with a need to thrive, and to create.

Life always craves more life, right up until the end.

But, create what?

What is it you crave to try; to do?

Learn to read Tarot, write a book, become an activist or run for office?

Maybe you’ve got a good case of the “what’s next?”-itis with a million answers to sort through.

No matter the juicy, maybe crazy idea that sparks, the reptilian brain, (aka the reasonable you,) will come up with a zillion reasons why you can’t or why “this idea won’t work, no time, too old, tried this before but I failed.”

Maybe your soul has come knocking but you can’t seem to open that door.

“Not a chance we’ll be discussing that at the next family gathering!” you command your curiosity.

You know how that ends. Stuff the desire, find something safe to replace it, make believe you’re okay with safe and easier. (As in it’s easier to not answer the soul’s call, not put ourselves out there for our beliefs—“hey, someone else will do it;” easier to keep the conversation comfortably middle of the road.)

Until you find you are in limbo, a purgatory of your own design. Neither comfortable where you are nor experiencing fully the whole of who you are here to be.

Come on woman, that’s not who you are. You don’t let Other People keep you from pursuing and exploring.

Not at this age anyway.

And, life is short.

You know what I’m going to ask, don’t you?

What are you waiting for? If not now, when? (I’m out of cliched personal development saws.)

If what you have been waiting for is the right person to get guidance from, to help you get clear on how to bring this wild divine idea out into the world…

Who can you turn to?

You’d want someone with experience in sorting through the many ideas to find the gem, the one worth doing then putting a plan in place, who…

  • is objective
  • is willing to lovingly call you on your stuff when it threatens to halt progress
  • whose role is a combination consultant, mindset coach, possibility champion
  • has had experience and success being those things

You’d want someone who sees you.

Divine Wild Intuitive Coaching brings life, business, and health, coaching together.

My 15 years of coaching experience has included work in all of those.

I coach from experience and intuition.

In other words, I do woo. In a practical way.

I rely on science, data, and analytical thinking as well as the information that’s available outside the 5 senses.

My kind of coaching includes…

  • Introducing you to your soul characteristics — this is found in the Akashic records — so that life becomes easier
  • We will work together to bring awareness to your energy level; to the words you habitually use that either enhance or sabotage your intentions. We’ll delve into your core beliefs and root out the limiting ones, as well as all of the other mind stuff the gets in the way of full expression.

The DOORWAY PACKAGE is 3 months and includes:

  • A soul story reading
  • Two calls per month
  • weekly check-ins by email
  • Snail mail heading your way


This is perfect for you if:

You have a dream you want to turn into reality and need a plan

You are stuck at a crossroad and can’t decide which way to go

You aren’t sure what your next chapter wants to look like but it’s time to do it

Or it’s time to bring someone into your life to be a sounding board, an ear, a trusted adviser

The HUMMINGBIRD PACKAGE is 6 months and includes:

  • A Soul Realignment Reading
  • Two  45-minute calls per month
  • weekly check-ins by email
  • Snail mail goodies and a note from the Divine


This is also perfect for the person named above. In addition, it’s perfect for you if you are seeking to know yourself better at soul level and live that in your daily life.

Or you might just know yourself and feel that 6 months is what will serve you best to take your dream, your quest, or your intended change from a thought to reality.

The SR reading includes the Soul Story. Knowing who you are at soul level will make it easier to make decisions and will form the basis of our work. This reading will bring up current blocks and restrictions, past issues that hold you back today. We will clear them and create new action steps to reverse the limitations they impose so you can experience ease and greater abundance in your daily life.

My promise as your coach.

If you come undecided about “what’s next,” we will explore your options and you will leave with a confident decision about which to explore

If you aren’t sure what to do with your life, you will leave with an understanding of who you are at your core, and how that can best serve you. (And maybe even the world)

If relationships are the seat of your grief — one in particular or the lack of one you long for — you will leave with certainty about the role you play, and a path to the best possible outcome.

Last but not least, I do not blow smoke.

I do not promise you all your dreams will come true.

I cannot predict if your business will succeed even if you follow your plan to the letter.

But you have a better chance of things working out if you are willing to say “yes” to whatever itch that wants scratching and you do so with someone who has had the itch many times and can say from experience — it is so worth it!

What I can promise is, the work of self-exploration is life-changing and gives us a chance to experience ourselves deeply.

Ain’t easy to ask for help, but everything gets easier once you take the first step.

Manifestation MasterplanGetting to know who you really are, the more you can’t yet see, opens up a galaxy of opportunity.

It’s not magic, though it can feel that way.

The tingly, scary, deep breath feeling you have before you say “yes” is a good  indicator you are moving in the right direction.

Life doesn’t change from the couch of comfortable and familiar. But step into the unknown and you’ll find a whole world of possibility.

Get in touch if it’s time. Connect and let me know what’s on your mind.