About Greg

How do we explain the whole of who we are?

And are we more than we can experience with our 5 senses?

Gregory Anne Cox

Why do I — and maybe you — fear confidently embracing our spiritual selves but will yell from the rafters about our food preferences? It’s easier to proudly say, “I’m vegan, Paleo, or Omnivore” than it is to claim publicly that we believe in a higher power; God with a capital G, or god, Buddha, or Universe. Heaven help those who, like me, also have room for, and are intrigued by, the psychics, astrologers, energy healers and others who have access to the senses beyond the acceptable 5.

Those who do “woo.”

A word about my use of “woo.”

I’m guessing there are at least three categories of readers here:

  1. Those who have built their lives, maybe their businesses, around spiritual practices or modalities—or those who want to—and find the word “woo” playful.
  1. Those who don’t align with the word “woo” because it diminishes the import of spiritual work (Not my intention at all)
  1. And those who may be dipping a toe into learning more about the spiritual side of you in this 3-D body and think of that world as “woo.”

It matters not where you identify, (or if you are none of those.)

What matters is you find yourself here, reading.

Hidden within this no-nonsense, no BS coach, NYC city girl, who relies on logic and scientific proof for most things, lives a woo kind of human.

I have been a seeker since 13 when I renounced Catholicism.

Or maybe I came in this way, and my years at Catholic school, (think nuns in habits full of the fear of God and fearsome discipline tactics,) were meant to kick me out of the nest of traditional religion.

Existentialism in college one moment, Ouiji boards and levitation the next.

Then came the Cult, evangelical, at times a bit like a labor camp, and replete with speaking in tongues, hot nights in the revival tent, and really cute guys. I did not drink the Kool-Aide.

I was searching for my tribe.

They weren’t there.

This was followed by years of personal development work, reading and sitting for readings, law of attraction, epigenetics, quantum physics, mysticism, channeling — nothing was off limits.

Yes, this too is me.

And here’s what I know today, for sure.

We are more than our five senses.

The starting point for anyone who wishes to live more deeply, with more love, and connection, is to know that you are more, then find a way to experience it.

The promise of this idea is that you can have less stress, less drama, and more control over how life plays out by opening up to the facts that everything is energy, we are all connected, and we are always at choice.

That’s the hard part; knowing, accepting without exception that it’s true — we are always at choice and responsible for all of our lives. Every. Last. (good and so-called, bad) Thing. But it’s where to power to experience your richest life is found. My clients will tell you it’s true.

Ocean Waves
The sea is a healing balm and one of the three forms of salt said to be the most healing. The other two I swear by are tears and sweat.

My tribe are the ones who live in this possibility or have a feral curiosity about what lies beyond what they can see, and who want to live in a world where human and all other sentient beings are valued, and who has at least a little bit of wild.

My alter ego is Be More Marketable, where I write copy and transform weak, ineffective marketing and messages into powerful conversion tools for speakers, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and others who believe they have a message the world needs.

When I work with clients in this, the Divine Wild context, it’s all about who we are at soul level, what our divine gifts and characteristics are so that you feel fully expressed and in control.

And yes, I have tools that make it possible to discern those. You can learn more here.