Who you really are, is divine.

Divine as more than your five senses; More.

Woman, you and I have had a zillion experiences in our many decades here on planet earth. And we’re far from done!

But lately, do you find you crave different kinds of experiences…
the kinds that will touch you on a soul level?

Is it time to get an answer to questions like “Is this all there is?” and “Why am I here?”

Then it’s time to tap into this more, this divine self, so you can experience yourself fully, not held in place by traditional ways of thinking, cultural norms, and the judgment of others.

When you look ahead, how big, bold, and beautiful do you want to see your life?

Unless you see yourself, really get to know yourself, as the powerful beyond imagination soul that you are, what you allow yourself to see up ahead, will fall far short of all that is possible for you.

My desire is that you do know, see, and believe that who you are at soul level is pure potential — this translates into More here on earth.

More joy, health, bucket list items checked, more love, for you from you.

My mission is to help you create what’s next from that place.

This is the land of practical woo.

Take the first simple step, say “yes” to the Divine Wild conversation…


Inspirations from the DivineInspirations from the Divine

Bi-weekly messages, quotes, lessons, and truths to help you live the more, experience the divine as you, and create your next chapters from the well of potential — and have a damned good time doing it.

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Gregory Anne Cox

Writer & Explorer

Lately my explorations have been of the heart, energy, connection, and what’s possible outside of “the norm” for a pretty normal but ferally curious human.

Is there ever a “right” time to do what’s scary?

As if I don’t have enough going on. I do.

True to my soul’s blueprint, I happily wear more than a few hats — wife, sister, animal mom, copywriter, gardener, coach — and thrive. I wasn’t looking to start a blog and podcast in a whole new arena. Although I’d been saying for years that I wanted to bring my spirit side into my work, I never got up the nerve. (People’s opinions and all.) That “who am I to…?” question roiling around in my thoughts.

So I answered the question. “I am the right person to bring this conversation into the world because my wild ride was made possible by me seeking to know what my life could be if I said “Yes” to what the world saw as a “No.”

And damn it’s been a wild ride!

Like a feral animal hunting food I sought out the esoteric, the woo, the kinds of experiences that many in my circle would call nutso. Hahaha, so suddenly I’m afraid of what people will think?

This project is a result of a belief I had and have since confirmed through hundreds of conversations, that a large chunk of people are curious about things like transformational work, energy healing, readings, shamanism, psychedelics, and more, but are 1) afraid to say so in the company of their friends and family, therefore leaving them in wonderland; or 2) not sure where to get reliable information.

The Divine Wild Ride project, podcast, and programs are designed to move women from wondering what’s next, to divining the way forward, to exploring the mystical and the soul, to finally know who you are and why you are here.



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